LPS Binding Peptides.

Why LPS binding peptides ?
LPS means Lipopolysaccharide that exists in adventitia of gram-negative bacteria. When these molecules enter the body, they cause septicemia. Due to this, administration of medication which neutralizes LPS in onset or LPS removal by extracorporeal circulation is expected as medical treatment and it is important that LPS is prophylactically has been removed by medication, dialysate or injection, etc. However, 1960 thousands persons /year develop it in only Japan, the U.S. and main countries in Europe still now and particularly it is said that the number of seriously ill patients of which death rate is near to 40% is 790 thousands persons/year. Under these circumstances, blocking drug of signal-transducing pathway by LPS or LPS antagonist has been developed by each company so far. Septicemia, especially medical treatment of overwhelming sepsis or septic shock is to be established rapidly.

We develop medication which bind with LPS and neutralize LPS toxin and LPS removal column. If you have some interests, please contact us. Of course, we have much data and information. If you would like to have a discussion, firstly we will explain about non-confidentiality area and then make a confidentiality agreement, MTA agreement and master agreement. We are now looking for companies which actively tie up with us.

As the result of our research for 2 years and a half in PEPTIDE DOOR CO.,LTD., we got peptide called as Li5-001which has strong binding affinity with LPS. This peptide with 12 residues is shorter and has stronger binding force than various LPS binding peptides which have been reported so far. Furthermore, we repeated the research for over half a year and got Li5-025 which are derivative of Li5-001. They were not only shortened to 11 amino acids but also their binding force increased in one digit or higher and all including stability in plasma and LPS removal efficiency have been improved.

1.LPS removal column by using Li5 derivative
2.Septicemia therapeutic plasma exchange column using Li5 derivative
3.New LPS measurement method
4.Staining and label of gram-negative bacteria
5.Development as medication

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