pep abser

There are 2 products lineup in Pep-Abser.
One is Pep-Abser Pre-treatment for LALipicturej which is to be used for pretreatment for endotoxin LAL reaction. LAL reaction is widely recognized as high-sensitive endotoxin measurement method. Pep-Abser can collect with high efficiency endotoxin in each solution that measurement was difficult so far and so enables sensitive measurement. Another thing is Pep-Abser LPS removal column. Endotoxin contamination is also an issue in the field of research and test and the endotoxin removal is an important issue. This product collects endotoxin in various solutions with high efficiency and also this is the ideal removal column without nonspecific adsorption of protein, etc. This product is expected as a production method in production process for low priced safe products of medication or vaccine, also.

Pep-Abser Pre-treatment for LAL

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